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  • How simple is GST? Do I need to worry?
  • Do I need to take registration under GST?
  • How do I file my GST Returns?
  • What records do I need to maintain for GST?
  • How can I do Invoicing to my clients?
  • At what GST rate my supplies will be Taxable
  • Do I need to charge CGST + SGST or IGST on my supplies?
  • What is my HSN code or SAC code?
  • How can I avail Input Tax Credit on GST paid on my purchases?
  • Excluded transactions? What does that mean for me?
  • What is GST Composition Scheme? Can my business avail this benefit?
  • When I am supposed to comply with E-Way Bill requirement?
  • What are the various compliances need to be made under GST?

And many similar basic as well intricate questions on GST

Do you have similar questions when thinking about your GST obligations? Taxpayers often fall victim to the misconception that GST is simple - just charge 18%. However, there is much more to GST than meets the eye. There are various concepts that taxpayers should understand to ensure that the GST principles are applied correctly when classifying the GST treatment for supplies made. Yes, it is true, not all supplies need to be standard-rated. There are some Goods or Services which are totally exempted under GST, while some supplies are zero rated, some taxable at a lower rate of 5% and 12% while on the other hand some taxable at a highest rate of 28%. Besides this there are many intricate issues concerning the treatment of imports, exports, intra state, inter - state supplies, supplies to and from SEZ areas and lot more.

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